Can You Clean Grout With Steam?

Everybody with tiled floors will know the pain of cleaning grout. It isn't the easiest task, especially when you don't know how.

Cleaning grout can be time-consuming and frustrating because it quickly gets dirty again. But the right tools can ease the difficulty of the grout cleaning process.

So, can you clean the grout with steam? While there are numerous ways to clean grout, steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods. This cleaning tool uses hot water and steam to polish and clean dirt.

However, the tool alone will not give you satisfactory results. So be sure to read on to learn everything about cleaning grout with steam.

Why Does Grout Get So Dirty?

There are multiple reasons for grout to get so dirty and become a breeding ground for contamination. Grout is a harsh and porous substance that binds tiles and fills up extra space on the floor. It is applied as a mortar or paste and quickly dries up.

As a rough material, grout easily attracts and traps dirt in its pores. Aside from dirt, liquid contaminants can also contribute to why grout gets so dirty. After all, since grout is porous, water and other stained liquids can trickle deep and cause mess and discolouration.

So, after you clean grout, you can prevent it from getting dirty too easily by following either of the two steps. One way is to apply a grout sealer to cover the porous surface to block out dirt.

The other way to keep your grout clean is to steam clean regularly. If you steam clean once every few weeks, you can expect dirt and grime to become noticeably less.

Can You Clean Grout With Steam

How Can You Clean Grout With Steam?

If you don't know how to clean grout with steam properly, follow the steps below for hassle-free cleaning.

1. Area Preparation

Make sure you have enough space to work by removing furniture and other appliances.

We recommend sweeping or vacuuming the floor before you start steam cleaning. Ensure that the area you're working on is free from pets and children.

2. Surface Clean-up

The next step is to dust the floor and prepare a sponge or cloth and a tile cleaner. Use the cloth and the cleaner to clean the grout and tile on the floor. For wall grout, the best place to start cleaning is the top.

Steam Cleaning Grout

3. Start the Steam Cleaner

Check your steam cleaner manual and fill it up with water. Start the cleaner and let the water heat up. If you're using a steam cleaner with a smaller tank, it will heat up relatively faster than a larger tank. But take note of the surface you will be cleaning. Investing in a cleaner with a larger tank is better if you have a spacious area to clean regularly. Attach the hose of the cleaner with a small brush with gentle bristles.

4. Start Scrubbing

If you're cleaning walls, begin from the top by steaming and scrubbing the grout. You should aim at scrubbing smaller sections, as large-area scrubbing doesn't yield satisfactory results. Once the scrubbed dirt cools off, it might return to the grout.

For floor cleaning, begin in a corner by scrubbing the grout lightly. Use a decent brush to scrub the grout, depending on the level of dirt. Once you finish scrubbing, use a damp cloth to rub and wipe the cleaned area until everything is cleaned.

5. Rinse

Once you wipe the surface, rinse the scrubbed area with clean water. A mop is the best for rinsing floors. You can clean the walls by spraying them with water. A damp cloth is a decent choice for a backsplash.

6. Repeat Grout Scrubbing

If certain areas aren't cleaned properly, you can repeat scrubbing the grout until they're clean and dazzling. When the cleaning job is done, you can seal the grout by applying a sealant once the grout dries completely. Sealing the grout can help prevent the porous surface from attracting more dirt and dust.

How Are Steam Cleaners For Grout Effective?

While products are available to clean grout, the best thing to do is use a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are highly effective for cleaning grout and tiles as they don't leave residues behind.

You need a cleaner and a small brush in the grout's tight space to clean grout without a steam cleaner. You need a lot of effort to scrub every corner of the grout.

Steam cleaners, however, are more helpful as they hit dirt out of the gaps with hot water. This makes grout cleaning easier and minimises the risk of damaging delicate surfaces or having dirt scattered around the room.

After cleaning, you can apply sealant for added protection against future stains. To ensure an effective steam cleaner for tough jobs, opt for one with powerful steam, a crevice attachment, and multiple brush heads.

Can I Use A Grout Cleaning Steamer Myself?

Steam cleaning grout lines is an easy DIY task following the steps above.

If you have stubborn dirt and stains, it is recommendable to pre-treat them by using a grout-cleaning solution. This way, it'll be easier for the dirt to come off.

Another cleaning tip for walls is to always work from top to bottom so that the scrubbed dirt will not drip over the freshly scrubbed tiles and grout.

However, without experience or knowledge, cleaning grout can be very burdensome. It may not even deliver the result you expected.

So, if you don't have the time or energy to do it yourself, you can always seek professional help instead of hiring a steam cleaning machine yourself.

Grout Steam Cleaning

How Do Professionals Steam Clean Grout?

Steam Cleaning Services are the best grout cleaners Brisbane has to offer, so we know how to clean grout and get looking like-new again.

1. Vacuum

The first step is vacuuming the floor for dry dirt.

2. Spray

The second step is to spray our specialised cleaning solution.

3. Agitate

We know agitate the solution into the grout to loosen dirt and grime

4. Steam

The last step is to steam clean grout lines and make them look like-new again.

Professional Grout Cleaning Brisbane

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