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Experience the best Flotex carpet cleaning Brisbane has to offer from Steam Cleaning Services.

✓ Fast Drying Times
✓ Stain Treatment Inclusive
✓ Servicing All of Brisbane
✓ All Stains & Marks Treated

✓ Residential and Commercial
✓ OH&S Compliant Procedure
✓ No Harsh Cleaning Solutions
✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
✓ Removal of Dirt and Bacteria
✓ Superior Soil & Stain Removal
✓ We Pre-vacuum Before Cleaning
✓ Fast Drying Times - Hours, Not Days!
✓ Complimentary Deodorising Included
✓ Increases The Lifespan of Your Carpets

✓ Targets Bacteria, Dust Mites, Allergens, & Pathogens

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    Why Choose SCS Flotex Carpet Cleaning Brisbane?

    At Steam Cleaning Services, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best Flotex carpet cleaners Brisbane has to offer. Our years of experience in the industry have given us the expertise to provide the best services to you that are second to none.

    Experience The Best Flotex Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Has To Offer

    Steam Cleaning Services is here with the best Flotex cleaning Brisbane has to offer, and we want you to find out why.

    Forbo Flooring System’s Flotex flooring is a one-of-a-kind unique floor covering that combines the best of both worlds.

    It is designed to give users the comfort and cosiness of carpet flooring and the convenience and practicality of hygienic and functional flooring.

    It’s almost too good to be true because Flotex combines everything you love about carpets and convenient cleaning. Plus, it is extremely durable, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

    Flotex Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    What Is Flotex Flooring?

    If uniqueness could be explained as a floor covering, it is simply Flotex flooring. It is considered to be a textile type of floor covering that is hypoallergenic and extremely durable. Not only does it bring you the comfort, cosiness, and luxurious feeling of a carpet, but it also reduces the hassle of carpet maintenance.

    If you’re even the slightest bit experienced in the world of carpets and carpet cleaning, you are probably aware that carpets are not the most low-maintenance floor coverings out there.

    This is where Flotex swoops on the save the day. The combination of the comfort and warmth of a carpet, along with the durability and easy cleaning factors of all other floorings, Flotex carpets get the seal of approval from many commercial establishments.

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      Get The Flotex Carpet Cleaners Brisbane Residents Want

      Choosing the best Brisbane Flotex carpet cleaners is essential if you want to ensure the longevity and pristine appearance of your carpets.

      If you just take a look at Flotex carpets, it might not look that different to other types of carpeting. The difference really lies in its structural integrity and the materials that create this carpet masterpiece.

      How Is Flotex Carpet Made?

      Flotex flooring is constructed with nylon 6.6 fibres, which is ideal for flocked flooring like Flotex carpets.

      During the manufacturing process, the flock is bonded with a waterproof PVC adhesive, making it both waterproof and a strong backing.

      It is then dyed and made to be electrically conductive

      Flotex Carpet Cleaners Brisbane
      Professional Flotex Carpet Cleaning Service

      The flocked fibres make the Flotex carpet appealing to homeowners because it has a high level of abrasion resistance compared to other types of yarns.

      To enhance the tear resistance and tensile strength of the carpet, a double layer of glass fiber is used in its construction, reinforcing the strength of the carpet and adding the lay flat factor to make it visually appealing and it also prevents shrinkage.

      If you're interested in a floor covering with noise reduction, these Flotex carpets will do the job. The extra layer of PVC makes the carpet perform quite well acoustically, with a noise reduction of up to 20dB.

      Benefits of Flotex Carpeting

      If you're still not convinced about Flotex carpets being the next big thing in the carpet industry, here are a few key points that make it stand out from the rest:

      ● Hypoallergenic
      ● Durable
      ● Hygienic
      ● Easy to clean
      ● Safe when dry or wet (anti-slip rating anR12 – P5)
      ● Acoustic appeal (≤ 22 dB sound reduction impact)

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